Sciony Doubles Again Its User Base YoY For The Third Year Running

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Sciony helps entrepreneurs, startups and innovators to bring ideas, innovations, intellectual property and businesses successfully to market.

Sciony, the worldwide first, fully integrated innovation ecosystem platform, doubled again its user base YoY for the third year running.
The fact that the user base of Sciony is doubling YoY since our inception encourages us and confirms the added value our platform provides our innovators. Georg Roth, Founder and Director of Sciony Ltd.LONDON, CITY OF LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 18, 2022. SCIONY®, the first of its kind idea-commercialisation-as-a-service tech solutions company, announced today the doubling of its user base in the third year in a row.

Sciony platform

Sciony enables anyone (age 18 or over), regardless of entrepreneurship or business experience, to go through a simple, automated idea-commercialisation and pitch-creation form, which is designed to help innovators to bring ideas, businesses and IP successfully to market. Breaking away from more common, open innovation platforms that are publicly exposing individual pitch decks and details of ideas, Sciony’s technology combines global exposure with proper protection of the entrepreneur’s IP. Furthermore, the Sciony platform distills expert industry knowledge into a powerful and easy-to-use system that points innovators to the TO-DOs for successful commercialisation of their ideas, solutions or IP. Sciony’s checklists provide guidance on what is needed along the way to improve the business idea’s viability, the completeness of the proposition and its attractiveness to potential investors or buyers.

The scouting and acquisition tool provides comparable information to interested parties, so they can effectively identify high-potential propositions and businesses best fitting to their partnering or investment needs. Sciony’s platform allows investors, corporations, universities, business incubators, startup accelerators and innovation hubs to source promising startups for their investment scope or innovation programs, and to run their own virtual innovation ecosystem under their own brand, offering their network all functionalities Sciony provides.

Georg Roth, Founder & Director of SCIONY

“Many participants in the innovation and startup sector feel that the lack of ability to get a solution to market and the informal networking processes between entrepreneurs, investors and corporates are a source of frustration for all involved parties and are hindering great ideas getting on the world stage. I believe millions of innovators can benefit from our simple, easy-to-understand technology and IP commercialisation tool that encourages everyday innovators to start-up and to connect with corporates who need innovative solutions,” said Georg Roth, Founder & Director of SCIONY. “The fact that the user base of Sciony has doubled again YoY since our inception encourages us about Sciony’s potential and confirms the added value our platform provides our innovators”.

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SCIONY Ltd. is a company based in London that runs a global online innovation ecosystem open for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, universities, incubators and accelerators as well as investors and experts supporting the innovation lifecycle. Sciony provides its members easy-to-use tools and expertise such as the “Sciony Logbook” which guide entrepreneurs and innovators to effectively commercialise ideas, innovations and Intellectual Property without any geographical, idea maturity, or time related restrictions. Moreover, leveraging Sciony’s functionalities, corporations and investors can source locally and internationally well documented propositions and support startup growth. Sciony is the commercialisation tool for everyone with great business ideas and smart solutions! 

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