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BlogInnovation it’s about innovation and how it makes us feel. We offer our visitors everything about Innovation, from the latest news to methodologies, product news, surveys, and research.

Our original editorial insight was that technology had migrated from the far reaches of culture to the absolute center as mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers. Now, we live in a world of monitors with revolutions in media, transportation and science. The future is coming faster than ever.

For us, innovating means inserting a new culture into the company, which starts from collaborating together through the sharing of quality information, producing value by redesigning new schemes, breaking away from traditional logics.

For us, writing about Innovation is like speaking a new language, which is not limited to learning nerd neologisms and English-speaking terms, but which makes it possible to acquire a universal language of innovation, to embrace new skills and new knowledge. Innovation is a new alphabet of data and information that inevitably requires us to be understood and applied to build value together with our customers.

Our Team:
  • Guido Pratt: Magento Specialist
  • Emanuela Goldoni: Digital Strategist
  • Lidia Falzone: Consultant
  • Paolo Ravalli: CEO Mainline srl
  • Ercole Palmeri: management consultant | advisor | interim manager | coach | temporary manager “innovation addicted“.
Collaborations with:
  • Gianfranco Fedele: Co-Founder and CTO at Laila – Automation with a Human Touch | Artificial Intelligence | Innovation | Blockchain. Contents
  • Luca Sambucci: Senior Director, Strategic Solutions @ C3.AI | IBM-certified AI professional | Enterprise AI & Digital Transformation | Cybersecurity. Contents
  • Valerio Zafferani: CEO of Efit World, Author of Quanto Basta. Contents
  • siteconcept: French company focused on content marketing siteconcept.fr


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