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Use AI to predict project outcomes and unlock savings

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greyfly.ai’s proven Intelligent Project Prediction tool uses AI to provide executive intelligence to increase projects success (This image was generated with Midjourney, which is becoming the standard in terms of quality and usability. The image was created specifically for this newsletter. The distribution license is very free, CC By-SA 4.0, so you can use it as you prefer)

greyfly.ai specializes in the application of AI to project management and has revealed its Intelligent Project Prediction (IPP) tool has proven to be highly accurate.

Managing projects can be a complex and challenging task, especially in today’s fast-paced business environment. Many executives struggle with project failures, rising costs, and difficulties in mitigating risks. The PMI (2021) reports that project performance has not improved, with at least 35% of projects failing to meet deadlines, budgets, or goals. The UK government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (2021) also highlighted significant issues with 73% of large projects.

However, with the advancements in AI and machine learning, there is an opportunity to improve project management. A survey by the Association of Project Management (APM, 2022) shows that 76% of respondents would utilize AI to analyze complex project data for better decision-making.

IPP tool

The IPP tool is designed to help organizations tackle these challenges. It applies the latest AI and machine learning techniques to unlock savings. Working with an organization’s project data, it pinpoints underlying features and risks that cause overspending and delays. Implementation is eased through a top-down approach using limited key data points. Executives from existing customers are benefiting from rapid independent assurance over live and not yet started projects to improve bidding, risk management and make more informed project decisions.

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Furthermore, by providing insights into project performance and potential risks, the tool helps executives identify remedial actions on live projects, improve future project capability and performance, as well as supporting the capital planning process and even before a project begins, the selection of projects for approval. The system is agnostic of host system and ingests project data from different sources to reveal hidden patterns in your project data for more informed predictions.

For rapid on-boarding, the IPP system works with your current tools, benchmarks your data, and provides on-going data maturity improvement recommendations. Whether you’re managing a large portfolio or a single large program, the application of AI and machine learning can help you achieve better project outcomes. Take the first step towards improving your project data, unlock savings from accurate predictions and improve the effectiveness of your project management capability with greyfly.ai’s IPP tool.


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