The 5 types of Leadership: characteristics for managing leadership

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The topic of Leadership is very vast and complex, so much so that there is no univocal definition of the term or a manual to learn how to become a leader.

How many types of Leadership do you know ?

Which Leader do you want to be ?

Experts argue that becoming a leader depends on personal factors (character, attitude, personality), as well as acquired skills and environmental factors (the type of work, the characteristics of the work group and the organization of work).


The main features to manage leadership I’m:

  • stress management
  • emotional self-control (persuasive skills, empathy, persuasion)
  • integrity with the proclaimed values
  • self-confidence
  • practical skills
  • conceptual skills (analyze, solve problems, make decisions)
  • management skills (planning, delegating, supervising)

I tipi di Leadership

Having leadership skills is not enough, to ensure good leadership, or multiple types of leadership, will depend on many other individual and specific factors of the work environment.

here are the 5 types of leadership that can be created:

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  1. Authoritarian. He is the only one who makes decisions, without hearing the opinion of the working group and does not provide explanations of his choices. Useful in an emergency, intolerable and dangerous in a professional environment.
  2. Democratic. It is characterized by open-mindedness, it gives ample space for discussion, communication and ideas. Accept criticism, delegate tasks and distribute responsibilities. He is the ideal leader in situations where business cohesion is prioritized over productivity.
  3. lax. His presence is not noticed. It does not provide rules and does not supervise the tasks. It can only work in strong and consolidated situations.
  4. Transactional. In this case the leader and subordinates find themselves in a negotiation relationship, in which the employees have an incentive to reach a certain goal because they will receive an economic or psychological incentive from the leader. It can only work for short working relationships, where you work on precise standards and objectives
  5. Transformational. The leader sets himself as a model to follow and shapes his collaborators so that they fully embrace a cause and work by privileging the good of the team over personal interests. It is only possible if you work with people who are willing to fully embrace a heartfelt cause.

Ability to do (transform the business)

Regardless of leadership types, digital leaders possess the ability to use technology to change the way business is done:

  • identifying in advance where the company will/can excel thanks to the use of technologies;
  • planning and completing a clear transformation path (DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION).

the digital leader must be able to:

  • identify, in the context in which it operates, the opportunities for digital change;
  • define, direct and govern the consequent initiatives and projects (evaluating technological solutions and building and managing the network necessary for their implementation);
  • communicate the results achieved.

Depending on the company roles held, the change in question may concern, separately or in different combinations, the three dimensions of digital transformation: the customer experience of one’s customers, the business model or operating processes.

Ercole Palmeri

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