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Access control technologies are at the center of the web3 revolution happening. CharmVerse, as a productivity tool, has embraced it expansively.

Web3 communities have revolutionized collaboration by connecting individuals and groups in a borderless way, enabling them to share knowledge, ideas, and resources. These communities share the goal and challenge of maintaining efficient collaboration, exchanging feedback, and building strong relationships. For this reason, web3 communities have appealed to productivity tools that can integrate seamlessly with their daily operations and the decentralized philosophy they defend. One of the main components that has risen as crucial for web3 collaboration is access control, and tools that place it at the heart of their processes have seen significant traction building around them.

Access control technologies are a central part of many software systems. These technologies are intended to limit or grant access to specific software resources or data based on numerous factors such as the user’s identity, role, and permissions. Technologies for access control offer vital security precautions that shield confidential information and intellectual property from unwanted access, theft, or damage.

As CharmVerse has developed an array of features focusing on those technologies, web3 communities are increasingly on the look to make the switch from Notion to the platform. Let’s break down some of the elements that motivate that migration trend.

A web3 native platform for token communities:

Web3 tools are designed for web3 builders. In contrast, web2 platforms are hindering web3 communities from achieving their ideals. If community members are looking to launch web3 protocols, they are probably choosing this space because it represents an alternative to current forms of doing work, where decentralized governance, new systems of accountability and forms of payments are implemented. To accommodate these, it is crucial to integrate projects with solutions that can handle the specific set of data and infrastructures used by web3 technologies.

Moreover, web2 tools lack any form of ownership for users. They need to bundle up data and sell it to advertisers, to satisfy their business models. The best way to own data is through zero-knowledge-proof protocols and private keys. These will be inherent features of any dApp that web3 projects seeks to use, ensuring that accessing them is done in a way that respects the ownership of people’s data. CharmVerse enables the control of data through wallet sign-ups and the security provided by its open-source code. It offers offers out-of-the-box web3 integrations such as Dune dashboards, Opensea, DeepDAO, & Gnosis Safe. These integrations offer the ability to embed elements like blockchain ecosystem analytics, NFT assets, data analytics for DAOs into workspaces which makes it the perfect complement to familiar web2 components.

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Role-based access control:

The biggest innovation regarding control access technologies that CharmVerse brings to the table is its customizable token-gating. NFTs or customer tokens can be set up as keys to CharmVerse spaces, allowing contributors to manage memberships within their organization. CharmVerse gives you the ability to grant roles based on a wallet’s token holding. By using NFTs or custom tokens as keys, users can choose which sections of a space are gated by which token conditions. CharmVerse currently supports most EVM-compatible chains to create a permissionless collaborative space while providing trust and transparency.

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Forum and Member Directory:

Forum allows the community to have structured discussions within a token-gated CharmVerse space. While outside platforms like Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp are widely used for casual chats, the CharmVerse forum can be used to create threaded conversations surrounding specific topics. The fact that the forum is token gated

The member directory gives members the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their peers. CharmVerse automatically builds a Member Directory as contributors join the space. Admins can customize the profile properties and permissions and choose what properties are displayed. Members have the option to pick which records to show in their profiles, allowing them to manage their privacy. Member Profiles are auto-populated with Snapshot and on-chain proposal/vote history as well NFT/POAP holdings in their wallets creating transparency within the community.

Empowering a tighter relationship with compensation:

Web3 is bringing a whole new manner to consider monetary transactions with the use of various cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. It also implies a much tighter relationship between work and compensation as trustless systems are set up to reward individuals based on their contributions. For this reason, using tools that support the various digital assets used by organizations is a must to align with the philosophy introduced by web3. By neglecting this aspect, web3 communities are at risk of implementing failure points in their operations or decreasing their productivity by dealing with a multiplicity of platforms to accommodate their methods of compensation. Controlling the way contributors get rewarded is a major upgrade in the transition to a better-integrated future of work. CharmVerse empowers those technologies, allowing contributors to freely set up compensation models which makes it a clear alternative in the web3 space.

Start using CharmVerse

As we have seen, access control technologies are at the center of the web3 revolution happening. Using a productivity platform that embraces access control principles while allowing for a high potential in customization seems like a no-brainer given the current product offerings in the market.

CharmVerse is currently free and will remain so through June 2023. At that time pricing will be based on the number of transactions as well as the amount of content in the workspace. The platform will also continue to offer a freemium model. Insiders have given the information that its pricing is expected to be lower than of Notion, making this one extra reason as of why users are switching from Notion to CharmVerse. 

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