Tuesday 25 July, 2023
Introducing The Steve Smith Masterpiece Innings Collection: A Stunning Digital Art Collection Showcasing Cricketing Brilliance In Collaboration with Creative Studio and Digital Marketplace, Glorious.
[Sydney, Tuesday 25 July, 2023] – Following an incredible Ashes win, Australia’s Steve Smith, one of the world’s most celebrated modern cricketers, is set to redefine the intersection of sports and art with the launch of The Steve Smith Masterpiece Innings Collection. This innovative digital art collection features six exquisite artworks, each showcasing a notable moment from an Ashes test where Steve Smith’s brilliance was cemented in sporting history. This limited edition release is poised to captivate cricket enthusiasts, art lovers, and digital collectors alike.
“The release of my first digital art collection is something I’ve been excited about for a long time. It’s a way for me to connect with cricketing fans like never before. Looking back over the past decade of Ashes tests, it was hard to choose just six moments, but these feel incredibly personal. I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do” – Steve Smith
Combining artistry with cricketing excellence, each artwork within the collection represents a fusion of formal art disciplines and cutting-edge digital craftsmanship. Meticulously hand-painted, these stunning pieces have been expertly digitised for viewing on any screen.
Limited editions of each artwork in the collection will be available for purchase from the Glorious marketplace from 16-18 August, priced at AUD$300. These digital artworks offer fans the chance to own a rare and unique piece of cricketing history, whilst connecting fans with Smith like never before. Successful purchasers will have the opportunity to connect virtually with Steve and will be automatically entered into draws for gifted experiences and prizes from Smith himself. The exclusivity of the collection ensures that each artwork holds substantial collectible value for the small number of potential owners.
The first editions of each artwork are set to be auctioned at a later date, accompanied by one off utility that adds unparalleled value to the lucky winners’ collections. Among the extraordinary experiences included are a meet-and-greet in person with Steve, a once-in-a-lifetime batting session alongside the cricketing legend, exclusive tickets to watch a future Ashes match, and a virtual Q&A session.
The Steve Smith Masterpiece Innings Collection represents a pivotal moment in the world of digital art collectibles. Powered by the revolutionary concept of NFT and blockchain technologies, this collection exemplifies the evolving landscape of digital creativity and ownership. By acquiring these digital masterpieces, collectors become part of a select community with a shared passion for cricket, art, and the limitless possibilities of the digital space.
Artwork Moments:

2019 Ashes 1st Test, Edgbaston Birmingham 2013 Ashes 3rd Test, WACA Perth 2015 Ashes 2nd Test, Lords London2017 Ashes 3rd Test, WACA Perth 2019 Ashes 4th Test, Old Trafford Manchester 2013 Ashes 5th Test, The Oval London
About Steve Smith:
Steve Smith is widely recognised as one of the most exceptional cricketers of the modern era. With numerous accolades and records to his name, he has astounded fans with his incredible batting technique, unmatched determination, and consistent excellence on the field. Steve Smith’s Ashes performances have etched his name into cricketing folklore, making him a revered figure among cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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