AImpact 2023: Experience Our AI Future Now

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ever wondered what it would be like if a tech conference didn’t just talk about the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, but also demonstrated it? AImpact is more than an event—it’s a vision. A vision that sees the future not as AI vs. Humanity, but as AI for Humanity.

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Welcome to AImpact 2023: Three Days, Five Thousand Minds, Millions of Possibilities

A conference that’s not just another pitstop on the AI event circuit, but a defining moment in how we adapt to and engage with this revolutionary technology.

AImpact 2023 quells fears and answers questions you didn’t even know you had!

Think: a mind-bending, interactive experience, that catalyzes innovation, discussion, and connection.

With an impressive ensemble of more than 35 of the industry’s leading experts, including Dr. Laura Palmer, a neuroscientist turned AI ethics consultant, and creative visionary, Lauren Wallett, the creator of the world’s first prescriptive AI software model, AImpact promises to be a comprehensive source of knowledge, strategies, and groundbreaking progress in the AI field.

A Glimpse Into the Power-Packed Agenda

Day 1: A deep dive into AI fundamentals, and applications in business, ROI, predictive analytics and copyright.
Day 2: A think tank on AI ethics, governance, plagiarism, and responsible applications, moderated by industry leaders.
Day 3: A unique crowdstorming event. As an active participant, your ideas around AI might just change the world—especially, the way we market, connect, and solve societal challenges. Plus glimpse the future with predictions and trends about our AI-future from thought leaders and industry experts.

Beyond Brainstorming: Harnessing the power of the hive mind, AImpact unveils a design thinking-based crowdstorming event that turns 5,000 attendees into one gigantic think tank. This novel setup equates to more than +3.5 years—of concentrated, collective brainpower all geared toward the Magna Carta of AI. After the event, a comprehensive white paper will be released, capturing all the solutions, actionable insights and strategies identified by our diverse community.

Not Just Tech Talk, but Humanity Talk: Our speaker lineup isn’t just impressive—it’s humane. We feature CEO’s, Authors, and leaders who have used AI to transform social norms, not just profit margins. Like Dr. Manish Mehta, with +20 years in human-centered AI, who pioneered groundbreaking AI technologies for Disney. And Christopher S. Penn, a six-time IBM Champion in Data and AI; a best-selling author and the co-founder of

Event Speakers:

Designed by an All-Women Team: The minds behind AImpact shatter the silicon ceiling. Hailey Wilson (crisis communications), Courtney Anderson (CPA), and Elizabeth Sage (event planning and business coach)—offer a fresh lens on how we talk, think, and act around AI.

A living, breathing example of AI in action: we’re teaming you up with your very own AI buddy, Hal AI. Forget Hollywood nightmares of evil AIs; our Hal is here to charm, not harm. He’ll guide you to can’t-miss talks, keep you in the loop for must-see sessions, and even share a joke to keep the vibes light. Hal is your real-time AI guide to make your experience truly one-of-a-kind.

“With AImpact, we’ve created a dialogue platform and a developmental crucible. The AI community often feels like a labyrinth. We’re offering the map, the compass, and some extraordinary travel companions,” states Hailey Wilson, co-founder and president of AImpact.

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In the end, AImpact is more than an event—it’s a vision. A vision that sees the future not as AI vs. Humanity, but as AI for Humanity. And the future starts now.

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